Casey McClain

Bio: She loves her Country, her Flag, her Constitution, her God and her family. She was reared by parents who loved and served this country for over 45 years. She learned to shoot at the age of 4 and has maintained those skills consistently. She became a POST certified Law Enforcement Officer who worked with various local, state and federal government agencies, initially assigned to the Intelligence Division. After completing her last assignment she went back to school receiving a Masters degree in Education and second Masters Degree in Marriage and Family Therapy. Initially, her caseload involved providing short-term therapy, short and long term group therapy and long term individual therapy with Veterans, initially returning from Viet Nam who were dealing with re-entry and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder along with other adjustment disorders relating to their re-entry into society and the emotions evoked by the receptions received. She was a Behavioral Specialist at a state run psychiatric hospital. Her work was varied including individuals with developmental disorders, children and adolescents, long term psychiatric admissions and the Criminally Insane along with those who were not guilty by reason of insanity (aka mental defect) in the Forensic Unit. She is retired, enjoys history, hunting, fishing, cats, horses, if its outside she loves it!

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