popup_mz_1003_40hospital51ON the morning I woke there was little to see

No one around, no one talking with me

Where have they gone I once tried to ask

Knowing no one would answer, alas

How can this be? I wanted to know

Where have they gone? Why did they go?

People don’t care whistled clear through my mind

People don’t love or choose to be kind

When will it end? Will it be over?

Or will this continue like red crimson clover

Try as I might, the answer won’t come

Guess that means now nowhere is home

Where will we live? Where will we die?

When did it turn so pale in the sky?

No clouds to float, no rain to cleanse

No happiness, sorrow, now no friends

When will this be over? When can we rest?

Will we be permitted to say “you were blessed?”

Once there was peace.  Once there was joy

For every older man, for every little boy

Once maidens were valued and older women wise

Not shunned as an oddity or hated as a guise

Now humans have become sad and all seem to quail

While all thoughts are currently ripping the veil

Between you and me, between us and them

The conclusion will come, the finale, the end.


3 responses

  1. Very nice indeed.

  2. Thank you, I will let him know. 🙂 Blessed be!

  3. You are special Casey!

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